Hana OSX Screensaver

Hana OSX Screensaver

Colorful 3D flower themed screensaver


  • Stunning colors and effects
  • Free to use


  • No way to change blur effect

Very good

Flowers don't feature half as often as they should in screensavers but Hana OSX screensaver breaks this trend with a stunning 3D revolving flower sequence.

This free screensaver features 3D flowers bursting with color and morphing into different arrangements with smooth, gradual transition effects. The flowers do however have a rather blurry appearance which is actually a bit annoying although it must be done for artistic effect. The flowers, spin and change into different shapes and sizes and at time look like they're heading straight out of the screen towards you. Note that due to the graphics card and processor requirements, it doesn't work on Mac Mini, 1st gen MacBooks or 1st generation MacBook Airs.

A beautiful screensaver that will add color to your desktop and impress your friends.

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Hana OSX Screensaver


Hana OSX Screensaver

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